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If there’s anything that’s certain, it’s that life is unpredictable. That’s why most of us end up sticking with our safe, soul-sucking, nine-to-five jobs. But if given the choice of hopping onto a business opportunity that offers more flexibility with your time, would you take that leap of faith?

Certified Nutrition Coach, Jane Robertson, made the choice and saw massive gains during the pandemic. In this week’s episode, let’s all hear her success story on how she made an epic comeback and scaled her nutrition coaching business to $20k per month. We’ll talk about her business’ performance then and now, the lessons she picked up along the way, and more.

Learn how you can scale your business even during a global crisis by tuning in to this episode!

In this episode we cover:

● The current performance of Jane’s business [01:03]
● Getting more freedom and flexibility with her time [03:25]
● Her experiences and lessons learned when starting out with her business [07:19]
● Calculating opportunity costs [09:40]
● Taking a mindset shift around sales and lead generation [13:06]
● How to resonate and engage with your ideal client on social media [17:18]

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About Jane:

Owner and Nutrition Coach of Feel Great Revolution, Jane Robertson has seen much success with her business after working with Matt. She was a former Business Management Consultant for a company in New Zealand. After realizing she needed to catch a break, she started her own nutrition coaching business. In the ensuing ups and downs of her business, she is now getting more clients and is seeing more success despite the pandemic. Aside from managing her own business, she is also a Nutrition Coach for Precision Nutrition.

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