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Got a problem with your offers and pitches but uncertain how to fix it?

Today’s episode will be something unique as you get to witness a transformation on some sales offers through roleplay so you can be the go-to coach in your niche! Watch as I roast and give fitness coaches advice on improving their sales process to hone them to perfection. I’ll also expound on why clarity and specificity are important when making your pitch.

Grab your pen, get ready, and tune in to this episode!

In this episode we cover:

● Monopoly offer vs commodity offer [02:31]
● Getting Eric’s offer roasted [04:09]
● Bringing specific imagery in your offer [05:05]
● Structuring your sales conversation the right way [07:10]
● Eric’s sales pitch [16:59]
● Gems and opportunities in Eric’s sales pitch [18:00]
● Key takeaways in Eric’s roleplay [21:54]

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