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Getting a massive number of clients to sustain a freer lifestyle is what every nutrition coach dreams of. But the reality is we can only handle so much of them. It’s hard enough to take care of five or ten nutrition coaching clients. Imagine having to take care of more than 20,000.

And yet, this power couple killed it.

Working Against Gravity founders, Michael and Adee Cazayoux, share with us their exciting story on how they bumped up their client-base from five to 21,000 and still manage to maintain quality one-on-one nutrition coaching!

If you’re having trouble providing quality coaching while juggling in between clients, aiming to have a program that produces lasting results so you can be your absolute best self, don’t miss out on this new episode.

In this episode we cover:
● Working Against Gravity’s origin story [03:56]
● Taking great care of over 70 clients all at at the same time [06:17]
● Using systems to improve WAG’s sales and coaching process [06:25]
● Bringing in a-players to help out with the business [14:37]
● Maintaining quality coaching support with over 21k clients [20:39]

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About Michael and Adee Cazayoux:

Meeting each other in 2015, Michael and Adee Cazayoux decided to start a nutrition coaching program that helps people, whether it be athletes, 9-5 office workers, adults in their mid-life crisis, to name a few, make a physical, mental, and emotional transformation to get them back to feeling 100%. Athletes of their own rights, they completely understand the need for a better, healthier lifestyle and are passionate about helping others make the change.

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