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Every nutrition coach dreams of having leads reach out to them one day instead of the other way around. What if I tell you there’s a way to make that dream happen?

Let’s take a deep dive into this episode as Justine Arsenault, Nutrition Coach and Owner of BNA Nutrition, joins us today to share how she was able to effectively reel her customers in with little to no effort and sell a $3k program per week! We’ll go into how and why she shifted from a commodity offer to a no-competition offer, why asking for help is key to the success of your coaching business, how the automated trust machine training has helped grow her business, and more! There’s a lot of incredible insights to unload in this episode so tune in now!

In this episode we cover:
● Justine’s process before and after working with Matt [1:25]
● Transitioning from a commodity offer to a monopoly offer [7:20]
● The end result of implementing the automated trust machine [9:37]
● Attracting clients in alignment with your best work [10:50]
● Client retention status despite 10x price increase [14:30]
● What systemization does to you and your business [16:50]
● Earning double income while working 4 hours a day [17:00]
● Justine advice to her former self [18:00]

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About Justine Arsenault:
Justine Arsenault was initially charging $50 a month before upgrading to $500 a month after working with Matt. She is the Owner of BNA Nutrition, a coaching business that helps men and women lose weight and improve their relationship with food. Now, she continually earns profit weekly, successfully scaling her business in just a few months.

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