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Grappling with social media content and marketing strategies that don’t resonate with your soul mate client for your nutrition coaching business?

We got you covered in today’s episode as we talk about the important pillars that will draw your clients in and help grow your business. This week, we’ll go into marketing strategies that you should and shouldn’t focus on to save you more time, money, and energy.

Build efficiency into your coaching business by tuning in to this episode now!

In this episode we cover:
• Reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on these important pillars [2:20]
• Switching to lead generation strategies that work for your coaching business [5:03]
• Things that consume most of Matt and Kate’s time in terms of content [5:20]
• Social compounding [8:12]
• Common mistakes in social compounding and how to fix them [8:00]
• Why consuming before creating doesn’t work [11:20]
• Struggles related to comparison and impostor syndrome [11:50]
• Social media best practices for high-earning coaches [13:00]
• Steps in doing social compounding the right way [14:24]
• Creating the most valuable content that speaks to your ideal clients [15:21]
• Content, conversations, convert! [16:00]
• What the BUILD workshop is all about. [17:18]
• Common struggles of most nutrition coaches [17:46]

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