About the episode:

Today’s episode is the final episode of 2018, and the final episode in our 2018 year in review series.

Today’s episode will be a little different. While I was pouring over the interviews from this year, I discovered some real gold that didn’t fit the narrative of the episode but deserves to be heard.

Today we will revisit wisdom from guests like Ben House, Robb Wolf, and Luke Leaman.

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In This Episode:

[03:45] Why you might consider doing a test like the 7-day carb test.
[04:54] Why you shouldn’t rely upon self-testing.
[07:12] An interweb myth busted.
[08:32] A method Luke learned that he now uses to help clients get consistent.
[10:04] The downside of creatine.
[10:55] Why Luke will sometimes have clients manipulate their water weight.
[12:28] Why lifting something other than your body is what you need after experiencing newbie gains!

Resources Mentioned

Robb Wolf on Carb testing, keto, and the future of nutrition

Cortisol, Insulin, Cardio and Fruit don’t make you fat with Luke Leaman

The Calories In, Calories Out Equation and Appetite with Ben House

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